Mother with her Child

Even the best superheroes need sidekicks.




Life after childbirth is an exciting, exhausting and overwhelming process. Modern Moms balance a lot: they care for their baby, are a supporting partner, and are available as a work colleague.


Here at MomMe, we recognize that you are a Mom but also a Me


We are a company dedicated to catering for the physical and emotional pain that occurs in early motherhood. We want to help you be the best Mom, by being the best Me. 

Our company specializes in providing a suite of smart connected health wearables to show you there is a better way. They help you recover both physically and emotionally, and grow in your new role as a MomMe.

You take care of everyone, let us take care of you.

Mother and a Child


Woman's Torso Lying

Heal Faster

Drug-free and non-invasive wearable device for your perineal pain that soothes, reduces scar tissue, and improves muscle regeneration. Based on research done at MIT and Harvard.

Gets you moving faster.


Young Moms


Wondering if what you're feeling is normal? Connect with moms who are at the same stage as you, or experienced moms a few steps ahead of you and would love to share their knowledge. 

You are not alone.


Woman on her Tablet

Fourth Trimester

You know what to expect when you're expecting. You bought everything you need for your baby's arrival home.

The only thing you haven't prepared for is what to expect for your own physical and mental recovery after birth.